Surveying technology

We offer surveying services for different phases in infrastructure and building construction. Our offering includes surveying services for base maps and terrain models for land use planning and planning, marking surveying of land use plans, roads, streets, water supply lines and bridges, as-built measurements of completed projects and mass and quantity calculations. We use modern robot tacheometer and VRS GPS equipment for diverse surveying tasks.

Surveying services

  • Base maps
  • Terrain model surveys for land use planning and design
  • Marking surveying of land use plans, roads, streets, water supply lines and bridges
  • As-built measurements and photos of completed projects
  • Mass and quality calculations
  • Control point and reference point surveying
  • Rail area surveying
  • Construction surveying (piles and anchor bolts etc.)
  • Quality control and monitoring surveying
  • Compilation of surveying data

Vibration and noise measurements

  • Measurements of vibration from construction activity, such as excavation, piling, rabbeting vibration measurements and surveys
  • Vibration surveying of vehicle and rail traffic
  • Noise surveys of traffic, operations and public events

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