We have been involved in several construction projects as quality controllers. Our quality control expertise is based on years of experience and active monitoring of changes in the regulations concerning the industry, as well as active communication with different parties operating in the industry. We continuously aim to expand our collaborative network, which guarantees our customers an extensive group of experts.

Our special expertise includes quality control work related to earthworks. We have solid experience in consulting and supervision tasks related to road, rail and impermeable structures.

Our employees have worked on several waste management centre and disposal area construction contracts as independent quality controllers. We also carry out quality control planning and final reporting to contractors.

We offer the following quality control measurements and services

  • Density measurement with different volumeter methods and Troxler instrument
  • Bearing capacity measurement with plate bearing and Loadman instruments
  • Sampling
  • Layer thickness measurements
  • Laboratory tests related to quality control
  • Quality control plans
  • Quality control interim and final reports

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The contact information for requests for soil research offers can be found on the form below or through Jouni Mäenpää or Petri Mäenpää.